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The stories of my clients' transformations

...In reviewing my closet, I learned an ugly truth: my clothing had become an outward reflection of a deeper personal belief system within me that I was unworthy. I was stunned. This was in direct contradiction to who God said I was. Terry worked with me to dig deep on several core values about myself. From that, she identified MY style - that outward appearance that is in alignment with my real values of worth and the importance of my work in God’s kingdom. I learned that when I make choices in alignment with MY style, I shine brightly!

My pivotal moment came when Terry took me shopping. She had encouraged me on the phone that “we would have FUN shopping together at the mall.” These were words I would’ve never stitched together before into a sentence. As we went from store to store, she picked colors and items I would’ve never taken off of the rack. But I was open to the process. I wanted to see what she saw in me. Outfit by outfit, I was amazed when I stepped out of the dressing room. And then it happened. The really big “ah-ha” moment. The woman that stood before me was BEAUTIFUL! 

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Color Analysis


This has been so inspiring!

It has given me the opportunity to learn things about myself

that I had no idea but

sure grateful that I do now.


I've thrown out the wrong colors in my closet first and then anything that doesn't fit properly. Clothes were flying out of it! It feels great!

Color Analysis

Valerie Hurst
TV Host,
Sparrow Media Network

Terry is my ace and confidante when it comes to fashion! I called upon her last minute for the filming of my TV show

and she made it happen.

Terry has a sharp eye to instantly know your unique style. She also knows head to toe, what works and what doesn't for your unique body type....from wardrobe to accessories and everything in between.

When Terry gets to work for you, she is laser focused. She's not only amazing at what she does, but Terry is sweet & fun-loving with a lot of wit and flare!

Color Analysis

Kelly Taylor

I met with Terry at the very beginning of 2020, because I wanted the year to start out right! I knew I needed help with some updates, and changes in my appearance, and I knew I needed someone who would be honest and give me expert advice.


I was instantly drawn to Terry because of her kind, cheerful disposition and her quick attentiveness to detail. I am SO happy I met with her; and, even though it was a little scary to me to welcome change, I quickly implemented her suggestions for my hair which upgraded my look and enhanced my personal beauty!


She encouraged me to be brave and make the changes and I am so glad I did! I really trust Terry, and absolutely cannot wait to get back with her for Phase Two of my upgrade and renovation! She knows her stuff! And, she will instantly set you at ease and make you feel at home. Make an appointment with her today!

Satisfied Client of Personal Image Consultant

Gay Lynn

I was planning an 18-day trip overseas and was feeling so overwhelmed with what to pack! I had things in my closet that I thought would work well but I also needed to add some items and I didn't know where to start. Plus, I didn't want to buy things only to discover it was not money well spent.

Terry assessed what I already had, helped me determine what I needed and then went to work. She found several items online for me which worked out great and then we took a short, efficient shopping trip to pick up some final pieces.

Terry was a huge help in helping me focus on just what I needed. Now, instead of feeling overwhelmed and even dreading packing, I'm looking forward to it because I'm confident about my travel wardrobe!

Color Analysis


Recently had a color analysis with Terry and I learned so much. Terry is absolutely professional and quite knowledgeable. I have already started implementing the changes and noticed improvements. I can not wait for our next session.

Color Analysis


Terry has some unique techniques to get you thinking outside the box on what styles work best for you. The next time she has a virtual class you definitely want to attend. She will give you some great advice!

Color Analysis


Every session with Terry Drake Moon I learn something new. With each week, all those pieces come together and make sense! What colors, which pattern, body shape, style - you put it all together and it becomes YOU, but with confidence!

The skills that I am learning I'll be able to pass down to my daughters so that they'll never have to fumble through their wardrobes.

"Terry is awesome at what she does! She loves fashion and helping me with my look! Highly recommend Terry."


"I had such a great time filling up on wine and cheese and learning some valuable fashion tips at Terry's "Finding Your Style Personality" event at the Texas A&M Women's Club in College Station. I started the evening thinking I had a pretty good sense of fashion and left the night with a whole new outlook. I learned that it's not just what you like to wear, but you have to pick the right colors that compliment your features. If you are curious to learn more, I recommend attending one of her events. She also gives some great tips on how to accessorize and change up standard pieces into new outfits. Terry knows her stuff!"


"I signed up to find out what my style personality is-this is the best class that you can take. I left feeling so confident in knowing what colors look best on me. The bonus is that I walked out with color swatches to take shopping so I can match shades. The class was small, so we all received personalized attention. Thank you so much for ch for caring and helping women feel good about themselves. Can’t wait for my next class!"



She is so honest and down to earth and just so passionate

about helping others!"


Terry has a keen eye when it comes to putting patterns, accessorizing, and combinations together. I definitely recommend her to any one who seeks a new look they are scared to try. She will bring out the best.


Terry took me shopping and got me out of my style rut. She taught me to try new looks that I never would have considered. She is the best! Great experience! I highly recommend her for your style expert!


Color Analysis

I absolutely loved Terry's course. I learned so much about colors and definition. I would highly recommend investing in yourself by spending time with Terry.



Terry is amazing! I usually wear suits to work and it’s hard to dress fun casual. She has provided me the tools to ensure that I am looking great when I am not at work. It’s so great to have had a consultation. What a breath of fresh air and dresses ladies to their body types and the correct colors. It’s so important.


Everyone needs a fashion make over expert and Terry Moon will have your confidence boosted over the moon...there is power in her knowledge! When you look your best you feel your best!!

Color Analysis
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