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Find your true personal style when you
transform with Terry

Color Analysis Style Coach Styling Services Event Speaker
Color Analysis
Find YOUR best colors
36 colors that work
with your natural coloring

Fashion Coaching
Through personal style discovery, you can improve your confidence & fulfill your highest life's purposes

Stylist Services
Find YOUR style, best colors &
the right ways to accessorize your
body shape & frame

 Event Speaker
With a passion for styling, as well as accessorizing your body type and finding the best fashions for it, Terry will teach each guest at your
ladies' event how to love the
woman in their mirror
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Discover your Color Code - Take my FREE quiz!

How much are you spending on clothes you never wear? 

What are you giving up by not investing in your image?

Do you know which colors make your eyes sparkle and your skin glow?

I want to give you everything you need to make the best choices about the clothing you're wearing today and the clothing you'll be buying tomorrow!

Schedule a free call with me to determine your fashion needs

Choose the service that matches

your need

Make the first appointment to begin the journey toward your true

personal style

Continue your fashion discovery alongside me with weekly newsletters, quarterly style reports & more!

Are you ready for your transformation?

Are you ready for an amazing discovery into you? I want to give you

the direction you need on how to show up with confidence. You have

a personal style - we just need to find it! Uncovering your unique style, through color code, body type and style analysis, will make it easy for

you to make choices about the clothing you are wearing today and

the clothing you’ll be buying tomorrow. 


Let’s face it, your personality is not the first thing people see. But, I can teach you how to avoid colors that make you fade and identify your best neutral & pop colors. You can learn the best way to dress your body type, along with your best jeans, bathing suit, dresses, necklines

and so much more! 


Just think of me as your “fashion fairy”! 


I know it can be difficult to make decisions while experiencing transformation so I’ll provide all the tools, and support, you need to take control of your wardrobe. Whether it’s a personal shopping trip or your very own e-look book containing outfits curated right from your closet, I'm committed to helping you unlock your signature look so you can shine!


It was very eye-opening to think about "what we actually wear"!  I have discovered that I shop for clothes like I would artwork...if my eyes like it, I buy it. However, I rarely wear the clothes because I do not like my "artwork" on me!  I never put the two together, until now!

cRYSTAL kING_edited.jpg

This class is so much more than I expected! Terry truly lived up to her “Fashion with Purpose” motto by challenging her clients to evaluate how they want to present themselves, what flatters each person, and analyzing and documenting the pieces that work for their life. The tools I learned will help me be more strategic in building my wardrobe and less stressed while getting dressed.

I loved how you provided so many images and varieties for each lesson. The course is super easy to follow! I also enjoyed how you took us through the identification process one baby step at a time.

Overall, the step-by-step instructions and worksheets were easy to understand and the discussions helped me understand the rules of style.

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Screen Shot 2023-09-14 at 11.04.54 AM.png

If Terry can help me, she can help anyone! Throughout the course, I learned that I didn't have to give up my current style identity, but just needed small, strategic changes here and there to make a huge difference. I really enjoyed the closet purge (and finally was psychologically able to give up some items I've held onto for WAY too long), but the biggest surprise was how much fun I had shopping with Terry!

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