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Fashion Fairy

Each of my services is designed to help you transform into the confident women you are

meant to be...

so you can create an amazing outfit every morning,

so you can choose the best color for you,

so you can step into a room 

and know you shine!

Take a look at my private & personalized offerings then let's chat about finding the right service for you. I can't wait to get started!


Do you know your

best colors? Color is the cornerstone to looking good. This experience will teach you which colors work in harmony with your unique color characteristics

Wardrobe Edit Closet Edit


Let’s unlock your signature look and take control of your closet using your lifestyle, activities, style personality, color code, current clothing and body type as your guide

Black Dress_edited.jpg

VIP Style Transformation

Fully develop your own personal style during this private & personalized Custom Style Program. We'll work together over a 6-wk period to totally transform you​

Women's Event Speaker Fashion and Style


When you invite Terry to speak at your ladies event, you and your guest will develop a confidence in who you are and who God created you to be

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