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Find your truest personal style

with professional stylist and fashion coach

Terry Moon

With more than 20 years experience, she is ready to bring her expertise to clients to improve their confidence and to help fulfill their highest life's purposes.

I love helping women create individualized style personalities - Style is a skill and can be taught to anyone and I LOVE teaching it! Teaching her how to dress the body she currently has with confidence gives her the freedom to go out and pursue a purpose or a dream. 

Style is a skill and can be taught to anyone, and
I love teaching it!

Personal Style Coach

Often, people are looking for a special ensemble for a specific event, yet don’t have the time or knowledge to literally go to hundreds of thousands of items online and certainly isn’t going to (particularly now in the time of the coronavirus) go out shopping to search for it.

Clients tend to call me when they’re going through a big change in their lives. They want their clothing to reflect an elevation of status. It can be a major promotion, an upcoming wedding (or even more often, an upcoming divorce), moving to a different part of the world, getting in shape, achieving a major goal, or reinventing oneself.

Much of what we respond to in celebrity or advertising images is the work of professionals . . . hairdressers, makeup artists, physical trainers, photographers and wardrobe stylists. The good news is that these professionals – including myself as a wardrobe stylist – are available for hire and can work magic on non-celebrities just as brilliantly as they do for their famous clientele.

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