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 Dressing based on your Color Code is back in TREND!

Dressing according to your color code is very much back in Trend, and with good reason. As we get older, our skin can start to look paler and washed out, but the right colors against your face can make you look younger and more vibrant.


Best of all, you’ll look healthier and better.


Knowing which colors works best with your dominant color characteristic can also help you organize your wardrobe, so everything in your closet goes with everything else. It’s also easier to put together day-to-day outfits.

Keep Reading to Learn More about Color Analysis

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Take a Closer Look

Here are some additional reasons why you should consider having a

 COLOR ANALYSIS or a color analysis update:


  • Changes in skin tone: Our skin tone can change due to aging, sun exposure, or other factors. A color analysis done 30 years ago may not take into account these changes and may recommend colors that are no longer flattering to you.


  • Changes in hair color: Whether you've started coloring your hair or gone gray, your hair color greatly affects which colors look best on you. An updated color analysis can help you find a color palette that complements your current hair color.


  • Changes in fashion trends: Fashion trends come and go, and the colors that were popular 30 years ago may not be in style anymore. An updated color analysis can help find colors that are both flattering and current.


  • New occasion and events: Life events such as weddings, job interviews, or special occasions may require a different color palette other than your everyday wear. An updated color analysis can help you find the right colors for these occasion.


Want To Know What Colors Are Right For You? 

Sign Up for a Color Analysis!


There is a lot more to say on color but I cant cover it in just one article. That is why I created an extensive course just on color: 

Color Confident a On Line - Color Analysis

In this 60 minute Color Class we will:

  • Identify your your best neutral and POP colors

  • Decide if your Should wear silver or gold accessories

  • Talk about What colors to add and what colors to avoid

  • Learn Color Contrast and combinations - best practices

  • Work out your BEST make-up colors


Additional Bonus:

  • You will receive a PERSONALIZED 12 -pages Color Guide created with all the details from your Color Analysis

  • You will receive a Digital Color Pallet - 36 of your best colors in digital format to download to your phone. Available immediately.


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