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Do you know your best colors?

Color is the cornerstone to looking good.

This experience will teach you which colors work in harmony with your unique color characteristics

Color Analysis, Personal Style, Fashion Coach


Have you ever noticed when you wear certain colors, you feel better and you receive more compliments? It's because you wore a color that brings out your best. This is based on your skin tone, hair color and eye color. Is it time to get your Personal Color Analysis?


Makes your eyes sparkle and shine Give your skin a healthy, flawless glow. Can even help you look years younger! Gain consistent compliments while gaining confidence


Dulls your complexion and magnifies skin imperfections. Can make you appear tired and sick. Makes you look older than you are. Gives the illusion of added weight. All 
reasons why you should be Color Confident!

Color Analysis Free Quiz

FREE Color Quiz

This free online color analysis quiz asks you questions that will help me determine which is the best Color Code for you. 

Color Experience

During this 1 hr session, you will learn your Color Code and come away with a full understanding of your best colors and how to use them to highlight your beauty. 

Digital Color Swatches

Imagine having your most flattering colors at your fingertips! The digital color collection for your Color Code features 36 colors and updates each season with your best trending colors. This is the way to shop without having to worry about making the choice about a new piece for your wardrobe!


Color Analysis Color Swatches

Color Swatch Deck

Prefer to have physical swatches to keep handy in your purse? You can also get your color collection in a swatch deck so you can shop with your colors in-hand! 


Color Analysis Color Swatches
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