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5 Ways to Take Spring Trends and Work Them into Your Wardrobe Now.

There are so many trends out there and it can get very overwhelming when trying to transition from Winter to Spring. You don't have to wear everything pick the ones that work BEST for you. I teach about the four Style Personalities in my workshops. Today I want to take 5 Classics styles trends this season and show you how to make them your Style.


# 1 - Beige is one of the neutral being used this year. It is everywhere and may be called Oatmeal, Soybean or Sweet Corn. You can introduce beige into your wardrobe with sandals, bags, dresses, ankle pants, skirts and blouses with a print. Out of the 6 Dominant Color Codes - 4 can wear them well. The other two must make sure she uses her POP colors around her face to keep from making her look washed out. (If you are not sure of your color code - let me help you - click here)

Click on image to see more ideas on how to wear beige this season.


# 2 - The Suit - Matchy, Matchy is also a big trend this season. You can wear a Suit Jacket with Pants, Skirts or Shorts. There is a style for all body types.

Just put one on a see how Powerful you feel.

Click on image to see more ideas on how to wear a suit this season.


#3 - A Blazer - We are seeing strong shoulders trending. AKA - the shoulder pad. You will invest well in a Blazer this year. It is a great layering piece to transition from Warm to Cool weather. Also it can be you best accessory by using one of your pop colors to dress up or down a pair of jeans or slacks. Go get one.

Click on image to see more ideas on how to wear a blazer this season.


# 4 - Trench Coat - Not just for keeping you dry. This season is being used to complete an outfit. Because we are transitioning from Winter to Spring - Do Not Purchase one in black. Go for color and print. What ever speaks to you.

Click on image to see more ideas on how wear a trench this season.


# 5 - Handbags - Boxy with strong sides and strong handles. Although matchy matchy is in trend - those who know me - know my rules on purchasing a handbag.

Click on image to see more ideas on handbags this season.


This is enough to get you started transitioning your wardrobe. If you need help with anything - please do not hesitate to contact me. We can work through your closet Virtually or In Person.

See you next time - Terry, your Fashion Fairy

How to start working with Terry "click"

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