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Snakeskin Is A New Print Trending for 2019

One of my favorite trends for the new year is Snakeskin! I have always and always will Love leopard, but it's nice that there's a new option this season. Snakeskin can be treated like a neutral. You can put any color with it, especially your pop colors.

Remember when you're buying trends, to Not spend a lot of money on them. Chances are they may be out of style next year, but I think snakeskin will be around for awhile.

Take a walk on the wild side next spring and add a little snakeskin into your wardrobe.

Straight from the Runway

I have linked my FAVORITES when it comes to snakeskin here:

If you are interested in trying out this trend but are unsure how to integrate it into your wardrobe I have a solution.

Contact me here for instructions. I will help you Virtually with 3 outfits. This is defiantly worth trying out.

There is a lot of Trends & Color for 2019 coming. Stay with me while I teach you how to Fashion With Purpose. Terry, Your Fashion Fairy

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