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10 Affordable Ways to Update Your Style for 2019

Looking for affordable ways to update your style in the wake of holiday spending? It can be done, and I've put together a list of easy and fun ways to give your style an extra "kick" for the new year. You can also shop a customize catalog to help you make the recommended purchases. Just click on any image.

1. Take everything out of your closet that doesn't fit right now. Plowing through a bunch of clothes that are too small or too big is completely unnecessary.

2. Pucker up with a new shade of lipstick Try a new shade of lipstick that makes your complexion shine. If you have a cooler skin tone, go for shade with names that feel cooler by nature. Warm skin tones will include works like lava or caramel. Remember that pinks are cooler than reds.

3.Indulge in a statement everyday Handbag. Invest in one nice handbag (instead of 20 from the bargain bin) that's your go to accessory for most daily wear and your "cost per wear" will lower quickly.

In the end, it will make the purchase wise and affordable one.

4. Get a new hairstyle or hair color. If you haven't had a complement on your hair in awhile it may be time to freshen your look.

5. Start daily affirmation. There are lot of ideas out there - choose one.

6. Sign up for a specific event and train for it.

7. Brighten your outlook with LED light therapy. Talk to a Skin Therapist for your best options.

8. Dispose of all expired beauty products (or those older than 6 months.

Mascara's shelf life is only about 3 months. Makeup will cake, become discolored and can even cause infection if used past the expiration date.

9. Replace bras that are more that a year old. If a bra is worn once a week for a year, it's time for retirement

10. Find your perfect fragrance -

I have chosen a few of my favorites - just click on any image.

If you would like help with any of these Style Updates, please do not hesitate to contact me. Terry, Your Fashion Fairy

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